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Trudy - Gorgesthetics Studio

Trudy's Passion for Aesthetics

As far as Trudy can remember, her passion has been aesthetics in all areas of her life. Her mission is to create harmony and balance and will approach your concerns with a caring heart and frame of mind.

Trudy generously mentors other Aesthetic nurses and continues to participate in ongoing advanced training, enabling her to perfect her craft and keep it current. She is a member of WeRPN, CNO, Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics, the Canadian Board of Medical Aesthetics and is a great advocate for patients seeking out medical aesthetic treatments.

Safe, Compassionate, Ethical, & Holistic Medical Aesthetics

At Gorgesthetic Studio, our first priority is meeting patients' expectations through a safe, compassionate, ethical, and holistic approach to medical aesthetic treatments. Led by Trudy, our Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Injector, we place immense value on personalized care and patient satisfaction.

Trudy is renowned for her detailed and comprehensive consultations, where she takes the time to fully understand each patient's unique needs, desires, and aesthetic goals. She meticulously discusses the various treatment options available, explaining their benefits and potential risks, and thereby enabling you to make an informed decision about your care.

At Gorgesthetic Studio, we believe that the best results come from combining medical expertise with a deep understanding of the individual patient. This is why we go the extra mile in providing tailored advice on maintaining the health and vitality of your skin even after the treatment.

Look forward to a journey on enhancing your appearance, fostering self-confidence and increasing your wellbeing. With us, aesthetic treatments go beyond the skin because we strive to create an experience that leaves you feeling most empowered and at your very best.

Cheri McNeil • MS, NP-PHC

Meet Our Medical Director

Cheri McNeil • MS, NP-PHC

Cheri is our medical director and a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a masters of Science in Community Health. She has 20+ years of clinical expertise in the emergency room, chronic and palliative care and her local community and remains active in primary care. She has worked in medical aesthetics since 2016 and continues to teach nursing at an undergrad level at Centennial College.

She mentors many new nurses and physicians in the aesthetics field. She remains passionate about education and ongoing training at Seamless Health. She believes in a personalized, natural approach to all aesthetic treatments ultimately producing outstanding outcomes for patients in the safest manner possible. Her goal is always results-oriented.