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We provide you with 2 options to get you started in Medical Aesthetics to give you the confidence you're looking for.

Trudy Headshot

Trudy understands that starting out in Medical Aesthetics can be intimidating.

Let her help you become more comfortable and confident as an Aesthetic Injector. You MUST be a registered medical health care provider and show proof of license, initial training, and insurance.



$500 (+HST) for 4 hours

Need a little more knowledge and confidence about the Medical Aesthetics business? Gorgesthetic’s shadowing day will give you the opportunity to watch Trudy perform facial assessments, evaluate, diagnose, inject, and provide post treatment instructions to patients.


This is a great opportunity to learn about the process of treating patients from beginning to end and ask those burning questions you have.

Gorgesthetic Studio in Burlington Ontario - Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment
Woman getting lip filler • Gorgesthetic Studio in Burlington, Ontario


$1000 (+HST) for 5 hours

Hands on practical experience is the optimal way to gain confidence in medical aesthetics as there are many variations from patient to patient.


During your mentorship day with Trudy, you will receive full supervision and guidance. This day can be arranged to meet your specific needs. Patients will be provided and scheduled by you.

If you are interested in shadowing or mentorship, please contact Trudy for bookings and availability.

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