Can I Do Microneedling at Home After Treatment?

Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2024 |

Skin after microneedlingIf you haven’t read our last article on Why Microneedling Skin Treatments are so Effective, go do that first and then come back. If you have already had a treatment, and want to know if you can continue microneedle at home, continue reading.

An Overview of Microneedling

Microneedling is a very popular skin rejuvenation procedure that involves using fine needles to create tiny punctures in the skin which stimulates the body’s natural healing response, leading to the production of collagen and elastin and increased blood flow.

Microneedling addresses skin issues like scars, wrinkles, fine lines, melasma and stretch marks and it’s so effective that many wonder if it’s safe to continue this treatment at home post-clinic visit.

Professional vs. At-Home Microneedling

In a professional setting, microneedling is performed with great precision and care by trained aestheticians or dermatologists that know exactly how to target specific problem areas of the skin, how much pressure to use and what parts of the skin to target in particular for best results.

Clinically applied microneedling often use longer needles for deeper skin penetration compared to at-home devices that typically have shorter needles and are designed to promote less aggressive results but makes them safe for non-professionals.

The Importance of Technique and Equipment

When it comes to promoting long term results, proper training, technique and the tools applied make all the difference in the type of results you’ll see. Incorrect handling of the tool can result in skin damage, infections, or subpar results.

Plus, the quality of at-home devices varies, there are hundreds of sub-par devices being sold everywhere while most people are not aware that choosing the right equipment is essential in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Should You Do Microneedling at Home Post-Treatment?

The decision to engage in at-home microneedling after a professional treatment should be made very cautiously. Consulting with your skincare professional first is highly advisable so they can assess the situation based on your skin type and condition.

Most skincare professionals will highly advise that you refrain from home treatments after an in-office treatment, because the original treatment is doing it’s job and the skin needs time to heal for the procedure to fully show results.

Assessing Your Skin’s Readiness

After a professional treatment, your skin needs time to heal so starting at-home microneedling too soon can hinder this process and probably lead to complications. It’s highly advised to wait until your skin has fully recovered before considering any additional treatments.

Understanding and Limitations

While at-home microneedling devices are generally safe to use, they come with limitations. They are less effective in treating deep scars or severe skin issues and there’s a risk of infection if the device is not used or cleaned properly.

You can refer to a general study on microneedling which provides information on various aspects of microneedling, including needle lengths used in professional settings and their impact on treatment outcomes. The study found that professional microneedling treatments (which use needles ranging from 1 to 3 mm in depth) are significantly more effective in treating deep scars and severe skin issues compared to at-home devices that typically have shorter needles.

This limitation in needle length and penetration depth makes at-home devices less effective in stimulating the deeper layers of the skin where collagen production is most beneficial which sometimes result in the opposite effect that you’re hoping for.

There’s also the risk of infection through improper use or inadequate cleaning of home devices that can lead to bacterial contamination and skin infections. The question is, why ruin a good procedure you already paid for? Patience!

Choose a Balanced Approach

At-home microneedling is convenient but remember the goal is to complement a professional treatment, not to replace it and not to add to it. If you’re going to do microneedling at home, at least wait until your treatment period is over and your skin has properly healed.

If you live in Burlington and want more personalized advice, you can call our office with your questions, or consult with your current skincare professional. Let your journey to healthy, radiant skin continue with informed choices and expert guidance.